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The Smashes: UK Team News And Warwagon!

Sorry if this is a bit close to the other threads but I thought that we should have a separate thread for news ect.

Team UK rundown:
Colin Fletcher, 29 (8-1)
The Freakshow. Any UKMMA fan knows about Colin and his crazy antics however he also posses a wicked submission game. Despite being my favorite to win he is still untested on the UK scene with many of his compatriots having faced tougher competition.

Norman Parke, 25 (16-2)
Stormin Norman Parke is a beast, that is the easiest way to put it, despite being more low-key then Freakshow he has built a phenomenal record, being from Northern Ireland he doesn't quite fit in with 'The Smashes' idea, still his only loss in the last 6 years is to Irish standout Joe Duffy. (Who I'm sure will be in the UFC soon)

Michael Pastou, 30 (9-2)
A well rounded fighter who will do well on the domestic scene for a long while, Pastou has a relatively strong grappling game and will look to use that and his strength to his advantage, I don't see him making a statement in the UFC however.

Mike Wilkinson, 24 (7-0)
Mike Wilkinson is not a fighter that I know a lot about having never seen him fight, a scan down his record though shows it is good enough. An undefeated 24 year old, could be a dark horese.

Luke Newman, 22 (5-0)
The best boxer in the house. Guaranteed. Super fast hands and an ability to keep the fight standing if he chooses. I didn't see his fight against Andy Cona but against Lee Caers everyone thought he was gonna KO him and he just ragdolled him for the RNC.

Bola Omoyele, 30 (6-1)
My favorite for this weight class, a much loved fighter on the UK scene. He's a real heavy hitter and just smashed Warren Kee who held a 7-0 record, I'd compare him to Jimi Manuwa (but a bit more likeable)

Valentino Petrescu, 30 (12-2)
An old favorite of mine who I never realized was English, crisp muay thai is his greatest asset, though like most British fighters he has an ever improving grappling game, gave Jimi Manuwa a good fight at 205... Wait, what... he is cutting down to 170 now!? Uh, I can't see that being a good decision for him to be honest, he was a big middleweight.

Brad Scott, 23 (8-1)
Don't know much about him either, infact the only fight of his I've seen has him getting beat by Fadiora. He seems a lanky guy for 170, thats about all.

UK team getting 'cocky' in TUF Smashes
UFC president Dana White has sounded an early warning to Ross Pearson ahead of the TUF Smashes series, claiming the British team are underestimating their Australian rivals.

Pearson knows all about arrogance on an Ultimate Fighter series, having been part of the British team that shocked their US counterparts in 2009. Pearson won the lightweight final of that season, with compatriot James Wilks taking the welterweight crown.

Now Pearson is the coach, and it is the UK that stands as the more established MMA nation against its Australian counterparts.

Pearson coaches against George Sotiropoulos, with the pair eventually squaring off at 155lbs, and Marshall Zelaznik has already served warning as to the quality of the Australian team. Now White has affirmed that belief that the UK could be in for shock.

"Because MMA is newer here than it is to the United States and the UK, and this happened when the US fought the UK, the US were very cocky and they felt like you know, 'there's not enough good guys over there,' White said to the Herald Sun.

"Well that's the way the UK is acting right now and when you underestimate your opponent, that's when you get your ass kicked."
And lastly WAR UK!
Issue 4 of UKMMA Magazine LOVE2FIGHT
Features Andy Ogle, Jack Mason, Mark Godbeer
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