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Originally Posted by Hawndo View Post
I got a slight pull in my trap, which was pulling down on my neck muscles but with a fight coming up just had to train through it. Then it escalated and escalated until I ended up with cervical vertebrae compression, thoracic compression injury, whiplash and a really pulled trap. Starting my rehab course tonight. On a 6 week training ban but I have just stuck to boxing and striking this week, no grappling but hate sitting about. That's twice I've been booked to fight and ended up badly hurt.
Just ate a nice triple omelette, with chicken, and cheese and toast. A nice hearty breakfast to start the day. I thought it was Tuesday when I picked up the paper and yesterday I thouguht it was Wednesday...ahha.

Yah I've been training my neck to strengthen it. It was awhile ago when I was grappling with a 225+ and he wanted to "show" me his choke technique. Heard my neck crank, what a bastard. Then I realized the neck is probably one of the most under utilized muscle group.

There's a few exercises I learned, but it's taking awhile to get a neck and trapz like The Reem.

You lookin' to turn pro...

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