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Sat 9-8: 6 hour seminar with Ajarn Chai, where we drilled primarily footwork, teep, combinations and elbows. The elbows were fun as shit and Ajarn Chai is one of those people wherein when he walks into the room, everybody's in awe because of the living legend aura all around him

Didn't work out Sunday or Monday.

Tuesday MT, fortunately not technical Tuesday and we put in a lot of work because a couple of guys are preparing for amateur fights. More elbows, pad and bag work, no jump rope. I never thought I'd miss jump rope, but I did.

Wed: No workout due to split shift from hell that I devoutly hope will go away soon.

I'm progressing in BJJ, but I found out that Foca Fernandez (Carlson Gracie Sr. black belt and head of my gym's affiliate in Vermont) is coming next month and I'd love to be ready to be evaluated re: another stripe, so I have to start rolling more than twice a week. Now that I can defend against heelhooks and possibly unleash them myself, I'm not as intimidated by rolling with the nogi guys. We rarely use heelhooks in gi classes.

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