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It could get very restrictive down the line especially for big marquee fights. As in you're wearing an ankle bracelet and we're going to monitor you 24/7...lolz. K...maybe not that bad, but if any "injuries or unforseen circumstances occur the UFC has the right to deduct a portion of the purse and revoke certain sponsorships for missed fights."

I have to say it's getting ludicrous with the amount of changes in the card. If you signed the contract you have to commit to it and more importantly be very careful on how you conduct your everyday life. IE: Not going to bars, partying, getting naked in a church, snorting bath salts, riding mo-peds, mouthing off to natives in Thailand or Guam, sparring without headgear, sparring without a mouth piece, training hardcore a week before the fight, drinking V, crashing into utility poles, _______________fill in the blanks.

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