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Originally Posted by ptw View Post
I think the only thing we see eye to eye on is our dislike for Jon Jones, Sideways. I cannot believe what I'm reading right now.

You are suggesting the UFC do away with it's insurance policy because fighters are getting injured and having to pull out of fights? How is it fair for the fighters who will have to pay out of their pocket for injuries they sustain in training camps preparing for a fight? Fighters pulled out of fights before the insurance policy was in place. Your solution suggests the insurance policy for fighters creates an incentive for fighters to drop out of fights which is wrong. Fighters want to fight because they get paid per fight, per show, they miss out on a potential bonus, on marketing, they age etc.

Fighters are pulling out of fights because they have to, not because they want to.
I am not saying its fair.

But the amount of pull outs due to injuries has increased quiet a bit since the UFC offered its health care package.

So they can either take it away or re word it in a way where people wont be taking so many risks in training and getting injured knowing the UFC will cover the costs.

This isnt something i feel really strongly for. Its just a spitball type suggestion.

If you can come up with a better way for the UFC to force its fighters to train smarter instead of harder then please im all ears. Im just trying to think of the best way for the UFC to stop all these injuries.

And yeah its obviously because they have to and not want to. Thats not what my suggestion was about.
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