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Got to the shop a little after 6:00 this evening and began making the mounting tabs for the control arms. The metal that we used was actually solid plate that was cut off a train repair car my buddy got somewhere. He torched out a big square of it, cut it into 2 inch strips and then 3.5 inch long sections if I remember right.

I should have got a pic of this but he trimmed them to the exact width with a cutter I don't recall the name of on the bridgeport and then I used a router type bit to make a uniform, rounded edge on one end.

Rounding the edges took about 2 hours since you can't take much off and each pass takes a few minutes. After this was done I went about drilling the holes in the tabs.

This was taking a while too until I started drilling through more than one at a time. After drilling I tossed the tabs into a metal can and put them in the hot tank to remove the paint.

While I was drilling my buddy welded the steering gear bracket to the frame. I didn't get a picture of this but will later. When I put the winch plate back on I'll drill some holes that I can put bolts through to secure the gear from the topside as well. Should be stronger than factory.

Here's a picture of the new truss. It looks a thousand times better and will be much stronger too.
Not the best pic

The piece hanging off the side was used to center the upper arms in relation to the frame. The CJ Jeeps have an offset rear axle so something had to be done. If you look close you can see the red V on top of the truss that is actually the center point.

Not sure if I'll work on it tomorrow or not but there are a few odds and ends pieces I need to locate in the meantime. I broke both of the brake lines going into the master cylinder while trying to install the steering column, a copper line kit for the oil sending unit, and 1/2 inch fine thread bolts to mount the control arms. I need to figure out something on the gauges, start thinking about getting a sander so I can start on preparing the body for a fresh white coat of paint, and I want to put something else on the side of the hood besides Renegade. Maybe YukonJake if I can find somewhere that can make it

Just rambling now....Thanks for reading and I'll post more when I have something
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