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My coaches are unbelievably great, they set gameplans up that are always spot on, push you until your cardio is great and you are physically strong as hell or they will just not let you fight. You have to be ready and not just you thinking you are ready they make you know if you're ready. If it was up to most here people then they would just jump in the cage and brawl like most people in Scotland do (MMA is still kinda dark ages here with the exception of some really good gyms).

Been doing striking for about 4 years now and the MMA aspects for 3 but still not fought. I was too busy but over the last few months my masters project got delayed by about 6 months so I couldn't do anything until the materials arrived which was perfect so I could fight as I had plenty of time to be dedicated to training but things were just not meant to be.

Only recently got into the power lifting aspects and think cause I was new to it my body just really struggled. Didn't help I got a sports massage after the old neck went and the first thing the lady said was "oh what did you do to your spine? You have suffered severe trauma there at some point when you were young". Only thing I can think of was when I tried to be a power ranger at 4 years old, done a backflip of a tree and landed on my neck and I ****ed my spine up and my body built around that so I have a weird spine set up going on. The parents say it was a miracle I didn't break my neck.

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