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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
You probably just convinced me to get one myself. Iv not kept up on next gen systems at all.
You should, it's going to be an amazing console.
Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
That's a big thing? The game that was literally - according to developers - built to be able to be played with one hand? The first game was shit. One of the worst action games ever made and bringing this gratuitous T&A simulator masquerading as a DMC game is a big thing?

Did you see the sale numbers for Bayonetta? Let me give you a hint: there's a reason neither Sony or Microsoft gives a shit that it's not on their systems.
Yes, it's a huge deal. You personally might think it's not good, but critic/user review wise it's a very highly ranked game and if you are reading forums/discussions, many people are upset that it's an exclusive because they want it on other systems too. This makes Nintendo look more serious about "hardcore" games.

As for the sales, the simple fact that Nintendo is acquiring these kind of exclusive that people love and want is going to bring in more sales to the system, people who thought it was going to be just another Wii console is going to look at Zombiu, Black Ops, and indeed the now exclusive Bayonetta, and want to get it. Nintendo is known for putting out their own exclusives only when it comes to "hardcore" games, as in Zelda/Mario/Metroid (with a few exceptions to the rule), and showing off games from different dev teams that are exclusive like Bayonetta shows their future is going to be a very solid one with a lot of exclusives/support from other very high quality dev teams, with high quality games.

It's absolutely fantastic from a marketing perspective and in general as the first game was awesome (many people believe so, your opinion is your own).
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