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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Have you seen the graphics on the WII U? The fans of Bayonetta won't even have a properly rendered stripper-ninja-witch to crank it too.

But no it's not a big deal except to the very small group of fans the game has. The game's sales were horrible. It was highly reviewed ...for a game most people hated.

There are people who think Bayonetta is good. I can't imagine why but there are. There just aren't that many of them.
Wii U graphics? You mean the one that's 50% stronger than the PS3?

Sales? It sold 1.35 million copies in the first 4-6 months, and for the first 4 months it was only released in Japan. Let me put it this way, go read forums, you will see many, many people extremely excited for this. You might not be, but so what? That is irrelevant in regards to popularity/excitement as a whole. I hate Halo, so what? Means nothing on a personal level.

Do you even remember its release? It was hyped to a crazy level and many, many people loved it and if you go read forums right now on the game being an exclusive to Wii U, you will mostly find Nintendo fans extremely happy and non-Nintendo fans upset that it's not for other consoles (cause they want the game).

You're making no sense right now and just sound like someone who isn't a fan of Nintendo.
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