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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
That's what they say they'll have or what they have? Twice the processing power or twice the graphics card or ? Its just not a company I believe when they tout spec's.
Rumors of the specs have been released, and it's not just Nintendo saying it, the development teams have came out and said after working with it the system is without question stronger than both the 360 and PS3, probably up to 50% or more.

Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I sold video games at the time it came out so yeah I remember the hype and I remember how many of those were sold back to us. Easily 60% of those sold were sold back to us within the first month.

Seems amazingly popular.

As for the graphics... I've been looking up the screenshots and play videos of the Wii U and it looks like shit. And there are people in forums all over complaining about it.

I haven't seen anybody online happy about this besides you and I frequent game forums.

Read the comments.

All you're going to find is "this is stupid, it should be released for everoyne" (they want the game) - or "YESSS" or "I'll now be buying a Wii U".

Show me the website you see where you see nobody happy about it or wishing it was for more platforms cause they want to play it.

Graphics? Here's an unpolished, still needing to be fixed up version of ZombiU from an older build at 720p (Wii U games will run at 1080p HD).

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