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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
I looked up the console and the specs for the CPU and GPU haven't been released yet.

The article stated the wii u will be slightly better than the ps3 and x box but with the ps4 and next Gen x-box coming out and tack onto that the prices of all three consoles I think Nintendo is in trouble.
Nobody knows to what extent it's stronger than current gen, rumors are around that at launch it'll be on the same level or higher, and after a year or two of use they will be able to push the limits of the system more and produce up to 50% or so more.

As for "being in trouble", graphics don't sell consoles. The Wii U will be cheaper, run at full 1080p HD, and have not only their normal giant sellers (Zelda/Mario/Metroid/Donkey Kong/Pikmen, etc), but full third party support and huge games like Bayonetta 2/ZombiU, the Call of Duty series (Black Ops 2 already announced and shown off for it, full 1080p 60 frames per second) and probably many more in the works, while still having tons of family games with an interesting new controller to capture the casual players, I don't think they will be in trouble at all.

Personally I'll be getting all 3 major consoles at some point as I like having each console to keep all my options open to play all the great games available.
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