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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Well it's not really an action packed show. It's wildly different to the standard build of a TV show like 24, LOST, Prison Break and the rest, the story arc is soo much more unpredictable and rewarding. There are also no real use of cliffhangers between episodes and seasons, they are there, but much more subtle. The real treat about wathcing The Sopranos is the interacting between the characters, you get really involved and invested in their lives and you are kinda forced to take sides, even though whoever you side with is a liar and a crook, and when the drama and the brutality happens (and it will, trust me), it hits you that much harder because you are so invested in the characters and that's the real payoff.
Well put. That's a really good point you made. Never quite thought about that. If you notice Breaking Bad, True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy and pretty much majority of the drama there's always cliff hangers which I find gimicky at times. All in the name to entice viewers to return to the show. One other point is there are few cameo roles because I remember reading that they would come with too much baggage. David Chase knew that they had a very loyal following and didn't need any fluff or standard marketing tools to entice viewers. It was simply that good.

The Sopranos was about sophistication ala the Italian La Cosa Nostra. Everything down to the way they dressed, interaction with one another, mafioso politics, internal/external strife, and both 'family' issues. The whole show gave the viewers a psychological point of view perspective from a mob boss. All time greatest show.

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