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As a TKD practioner it has the most beautiful kicks and it also happens to be the most useless in a street fight. Well actually that's not entirely true as I've kicked people before, but yah the knock out blows are 90% punches. Aint nobody going to be doing a tornado kick, roundhouse, jumping side kick, etc in a street fight when bar stools, beer bottles, glass, stanchions are being thrown around.

There's limited punching...all about hopping in and out in a linear line. It's very one dimensional, BUT...if you can master than + BJJ + Muay Thai then you got your self fighters like Makdessi, Bendo and of course Anderson Silva who can display a very cool array of unorthodox kicks.

You guys should check out Best Of The Best which was about an Olympic style Karate and TKD contest. A great sleeper film.

Muay Thai is pretty much the standard for striking in an MMA setting. What makes it stand out is the conditioning as you all know; core, abs, and constant kicking of the pads.

One of my favorites is Petrosyan. Dude has the most crisp technique.

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