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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
I'd recommend it obviously. But beware, there (and it ******* pains me to say this) isn't a lot to do once you hit level 80. There are dungeons...which are okay, and level 80 zones with meta events which are cool. And the Dragon events are okay (Shatterer and Claw of Jormag) but other than that...

Anet have said there will be more end game content added in post release, so there is hope. GW1 had two high end zones called the Fissure of Woe and The Underworld on release, which were homes of two of the Gods of the series (Balthazar and Grenth) so I hope they make an appearance.

I'm still playing, and still enjoying. But right now, me and my Guild are all pretty sure we won't be playing it for as long as we did Guild Wars 1 (since release) unless something huge is added in. Mainly, a decent type of PvP. sPvP and WvWvW are fun for a short time, but they lack the competitive PvP that GW1 had in Heroes Ascent and Guild vs Guild.

But, with it paying free to play once you're purchased, waiting for content to be added isn't a huge deal. You'll probably enjoy getting to 80 and playing for quite a while after anyways.
I ended up getting it. Havent had a big session yet but played for a bit and so far I am enjoying myself.

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