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Some decent fights in there. I was surprised to see Michaud so passive when it came to wrestling. He even looked like he got out grappled a lot. I heard he was supposed to be the most decorated wrestler on the show, so that was a little odd. I guess that's MMA for you.

Colton was kind of a jerk. When Nelson calls him out on just going for the take down right during the glove touch, he just chuckles and says "sorry, I didn't mean too." What are you talking about? You put your glove up, and right as the guy was raising his hand, you shot in on him and put him on his back. That's blatant poor sportsmanship. You obviously knew what you were doing.

Also, that guy who beat Max Griffin. It looked pretty clear in the first round, that he was holding on to Griffin's glove for dear life so Griffin couldn't get away from him. Even Dana White noticed it. I'm surprised the referee didn't call him out on it. It was very noticeable considering Griffin pretty much got away, but only his hand was really stuck. It was like a game of "tug of war" that looked ridiculous. I've been in that guys situation before. When you're on your back and only have a guys hand to keep him from getting up onto his feet and away, it's extremely hard to stop him from escaping. Using his glove for leverage would help you a lot. However, it's against the rules to grab your opponents gloves or shorts.

I understand it's a big opportunity and none of these guys want to lose it, but I hope cheating isn't going to be common this season.

Other than that, I see some decent fighters on the show. Alvey looks promising and is a big guy. He's fought at light heayweight, but is competing as a welterweight. It makes me wonder how his conditioning will be, but at least his power is still there.

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