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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
The Secret World looked abysmal to me :/ The reviews arn't exactly amazing either. GW2 reviews on the other hand...and that's on top of all the bugged quests that have been occurring on certain servers.

It basically comes down to GW2 being grinding nothingness and not much better than several of the free mmorpgs that carry similar themes. While playing GW2 I just feel like they weren't even trying to make a good game; the only point I see to it is to make money like Diablo III.

When I played TSW it was apparent how they were trying to change what an mmorpg could be and the effort they put into it and most importantly it was interesting. It supposedly loses a lot of its originality in the end game but that is probably the hardest trap for an MMO to escape.

They have trial accounts now for TSW.

For those that don't know the Closed Beta for Marvel Heroes is coming up october first and will be free to play at launch.
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