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Originally Posted by SJ View Post
It just doesn't make sense when you look at the history of TUF. Roy Nelson himself fought to win when he felt like he needed to. He ended up winning the whole season and look at the position he's in now. I remember watching a lot of guys having impressive finishes to get into the house and not look so good in the following fights.

I'd assume that could most of those first round finishes from this season can be attributed to the fighters having totally uneven skill levels, but that's just my opinion. I don't think it's so easy to be entertaining once you start to climb the ladder, and we see very few who do it consistently and succeed.

Some guys are wrestlers without a lot of experience. Some guys are grapplers with terrible standup. Why would they risk being knocked out on national television, when they know that getting this win will earn them several more fights on national television?

They aren't even being paid for that fight! (Except for those fan-voted bonuses at the end type deal.)

I should also say that I can sort of see it from Dana's point of view too. He's couped up sitting at that table beside Roy Nelson for a few hours and the rounds probably seem a lot longer than normal.

I just think he is rude.
At the end of the day, if Dana thinks you are boring, nothing changes. Put it this way, a lot of people consider GSP to be boring. Imagine if Dana thought the same, what could he do? If you're good enough at fighting, you can be exciting or boring, but it's really irrelevent. Dana is just showing that he likes the exciting fighters.

Exciting only matters when you aren't a great fighter. Usually all the UFC guys get a fight or two after the show. If you're a boring fighter and lose the season and that first UFC fight, NO ONE is interested in you, so why would Dana ask you to come back? If you are exciting as fuk throughout the season, and lose a fight where someone out grappled you but you wanted to keep it standing and have a war, you'd get kept on because there is potential for an amazing fight there.

If you win all of your fights, Dana isn't going to do anything other than allow you to fight. You lay and pray everyone in the season and go on a 6 fight win streak doing the exact same afterwards, you ARE getting a title shot. If you're boring and losing though...bye.

Well, this is a fighting business. You can call it rude or realistic. I've said it a million times, the last thing MMA needs is a president who is diplomatic and holds his tounge. Fighters step out and tell their opinion because MMA is an in your face, straight forward organization. Politics and shit gets left at the door (or on Chael Sonnen's twitter page). It is only fitting that the figurehead of the company follows the same format.

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