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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Do people just walk around falling asleep during the day if they dont drink energy drinks? At no point during a regular day do I need 'extra energy'. Is this like when I watch Two and a Half Men and they always joke about their morning coffee so they need to go for a shit? Is this how people actually live thier life in the states?
Well when i start work i go to break room and grab myself a cup of coffee. As im working i sometimes feel "Physically" tired and i go grab a redline or a 5 hour energy. I drive at my job and i also do physical labor. So i do sometimes depend on some type of energy booster (I do think its a mental thing more then anything). My family drinks "Turkish" Coffee (10x stronger then regular coffee) in the morning and without it my dad wouldnt be able to wake up for work most likely. He is a much different person in the morning after he has had his coffee lol.

Also for someone looking for a good energy source. Go buy a "DynaPep" its cheap and a quick energy shot. Its really effective.
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