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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Yeah, I wish netflix would get HBO shows. I have in fact seen the UK office and I loved it, hated the american version and hate it even more that people think it's the other way around.

Anyone watch Weeds? I wish dexter was on netflix in the states, it was in Canada and I got caught up in like the middle of the second season before I left, so now I hate life.
The original blows the american version out of the water, it's not even close really. I mean, there are plenty of sitcom's out there worse than The Office US, but where the original Office is revolutionary in it's style and incredibly intelligent and well written for a comedy, US version after a promising start became more and more like just another sitcom. The whole concept of The Office UK was that it wasn't supposed to feel like a comedy, it's more like a depressing reality drama if anything, the humour is not there to slap you in the face, there are few jokes, no laughtrack, no punchlines. It's all subtle remarks and tiny neuances in the acting.

The finest comedic performance you'll ever see.

The Office US has become compromised, surely in a way to please the masses and get more ratings, and it's become just another sitcom who pretends to be smart just because there's no laughtrack. There's more to it than that.

Edit: If anyone is bored, this is the epiode to watch, the best of them all as far as I am concerned.

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