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Originally Posted by Nick_V03 View Post
Well he had no problem accepting the take down and position that he unfairly got. If that were me, I would have let the guy up and apologized. (It's not like fighters haven't apologized during a fight before) I'd feel like if I potentially won off of that unfair move (who knows, he could potentially have.), it would tarnish my win and I'd feel bad for my opponent who was probably training just as hard and needed the win as much as I did. I'd feel like I unfairly robbed him and that's not the kind of guy I want to be.

Besides, it's different to throw a quick punch in a sparring session than it is to shoot a take down in an actual fight that matters so much to both fighters. It also takes a little bit more effort to shoot in for a take down than it does to throw a punch in my opinion. I don't think he didn't mean too, but that's just my opinion as well. Who knows, it's still shady either way.

Its not great and he will somewhat pay for it - dont help the other guy though...High pressure situation though, cant say what i would of done in his place after the "mistake" I agree he should of done that, but its hard to give up that position in the fight of your life so far.
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