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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
you guys are so oblivious i swear lol.

Every fighter is unique. EVERY ONE OF THEM. You study their faints, the combos they use, their tendencies, their movement, what they are vulnerable to in certain positions. All of those things add up to ONE fighter and ONE game plan.

There is no "hes a wrestler/a power puncher and so is that guy so they are interchangeable." Not even close. The only real similarities a fighter can have are his stance, his takedown techniques, and his power hand.
There is so much fail in this post and not a nugget of truth to be found. Plenty of fighters fight similarly. The regional circuits of mma, boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai are full of them. It has a simple reason: everyone starts with the same basics. It takes either an unusual base or an unorthodox mind to establish a truly unique fighting style of which there are very few in mma.

*Lyoto. Anderson. Aldo. Korean Zombie. Maybe a few others. Most fall into basics because the basics work. That's why they are the first things drilled into your head. A fighter's individual quirks are easily analyzed. Three days to a week for most barring the few unique fighters.

I don't know if you have ever fought but if you did someone filled your head with a lot of nonsense.

*I'm not saying that these are the best fighters but they're just the first 4 with unique styles to come to mind.

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