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Enjoying some red beans and rice while watching the last half of Jeremiah Johnson on amazon prime. Tried watching the Charles Bronson documentary but it was more annoying than anything. Stupid Brit can't behave himself in prison and get's beat up because of it...

In the meantime, I've mistakenly hired perhaps the most stupid bastard I've ever met a week or so ago. He forgets anything you tell him the very next day, he thinks he has a tape worm because he eats so much, recovering crack addict, claims his girl is hot when she looks like Miss Ethiopia, wears 1990's era baggy pants to work, and has a third grade reading level by my guesstimation.

As soon as I find a replacement I'm gonna fire this asshole so hard and fast he'll think he's in a gay porn.

The one thing I did learn from him is that there is a government program called Leap that pays his electric bill because he got his crackhead girlfriend pregnant 2 years ago. When he began describing it I said "is it welfare?" he says "yeah." "I don't want to hear about thaat shit" was my response.

I seriously want to stomp his freeloading throat shut. Poor people used to have to be poor but now they get everything handed to them and it pisses me off. What happened to people having self respect? Work your way up, ditch the handouts, and earn your keep. People make me sick. Rant over
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