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Originally Posted by SpoKen View Post
That is why I think Nick Diaz is a dark horse to be Anderson Silva. I know they'd never fight (Nick Diaz would take the fight but it'd never get set up) I'd choose him to beat Andy.

As weird as that sounds.. I know... but Nick Diaz doesn't go to sleep and he doesn't stop fighting at 100%. Nick Diaz is one guy who should have been KO'd many times but his chin holds under any pressure.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but if they ever fought, I'd choose Nick Diaz to win.
Nick Diaz is by a mile my all time favourite but I just couldn't agree. I'd LOVE the fight to happen, like would instantly be my favourite thing to see on TV of all time, but he keeps his hands WAY too low for Anderson. I mean he can take full force shots from Paul Daley, who is an animal at punching, but Anderson's timing and accuracy is the difference to me. He almost hits harder than anyone else because they are like 'critical hits'.

At the same time though, I still said that if you can't count out anyone, it's Nick. He'd go in expecting EVERY shot (Which is SO much easier to absorb than 'being caught') and his style really can't be counter punched against. He would just take a truck load coming in but theres a little image in the back of my head that sees Anderson caught against the cage and being battered. Forcing the fuk out of the image though haha.


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