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Just started watching the Countdown show. Last few days I've been citing that Jones is more of a 'martial artist' than a 'fighter'. I'm kind of easing up on the early pitchforks and torches shit against him I had at the start. Now on this, he said "I'm the type of person who bases all my successes around being prepared". In summary, he's saying "I'm not a world champion level fighter unless I'm 100%". Everyone has the option to be 100% or not. Wether it means you being in or out of the UFC, you can always make sure you're 100% ready for the fight, and if you win at 100% everytime, then you'll always make it to the top regardless. So was it really such a bad thing that Jones pulled out? He pretty much thinks he isn't at the top when he isn't fully prepared, but is at the top when he is, so does that make it such a bad decision? He has the option to be 100%, and by taking that option he's pretty much an undefeated world champion. Who knows if he would be if he took short notice fights.

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