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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
It basically comes down to GW2 being grinding nothingness and not much better than several of the free mmorpgs that carry similar themes. While playing GW2 I just feel like they weren't even trying to make a good game; the only point I see to it is to make money like Diablo III.

When I played TSW it was apparent how they were trying to change what an mmorpg could be and the effort they put into it and most importantly it was interesting. It supposedly loses a lot of its originality in the end game but that is probably the hardest trap for an MMO to escape.

They have trial accounts now for TSW.

For those that don't know the Closed Beta for Marvel Heroes is coming up october first and will be free to play at launch.
I've yet to see a huge grind in GW2 at all, apart from the occasional heart quest that's bugged so you have to grind for 10-15minutes. So not sure what you mean by that. I've already been level 80 for ages, and have got max stat armour/weapons for my current build choice and I got them all just from crafting them with materials I'd got from just playing the game. The only things you have to grind for are armour skins from dungeons. They are not better than the armour you can craft yourself apart from different asthetics.

There's a massive grind for the Legendary weapons, probably months of work but they're hardly needed, and it's a choice if you go for it.

I like the trading post. Gold/Ecto/Item selling was a huge problem in GW1, with gold farmers. This gives it a legit way to buy gold if you want it. There is also *nothing* available to buy for money that you can't buy with gold, and nothing on the trading post gives you an advantage over other players.

Marvel Heroes - Thanks for that man, I'd never even heard of it. Sounds pretty sweet. Signed up!

Hit, I agree about the heart quests. Some are extremely fun while others are complete BS. A few are bugged, where events that are supposed to spawn enemies etc to count towards the heart don't actually spawn, so it becomes quite irritating and completely breaks immersion into the game.

Guild Halls will be coming soon, as will hopefully GvG and another PvP type and some new end game content.

GW1 had constant updates added into it, and 3 expansions (2 stand alone titles) within 2 years of the games release.

GW2 isn't finished yet, no MMO ever really is.
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