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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
Just got back into wow. Apparently blizz found out i was trying to sell my acct (last time i played was in 09) so when i went to upgrade to pandora, my account was banned. So i sent in a support ticket saying i got hacked. Got pretty much everything back.. I MISS THE OLD TALENT SYSTEM. Got my pally to 85 in less than 24 hours of play time. Working on my dk now (hes 82). Plan on getting them both 85 before tuesday then working on professions and such as gear will be easy upgraded. Might decide to roll a monk. Who else plays WoW? Might consider transferring my chars around if i can find a nice guild with raid times i can do.
I play a ton of WoW. As for the new talent system, I wasn't a fan at first, but now I love it. A ton of the abilities you used to have to spec into are now just passive abilities so you get them regardless of what spec you are playing. As for the actual talents, they are all about how you play. You can pretty much pick what you want now and be just as effective rather than everyone having the exact same spec all of the time. It allows you to change talents around on the fly for different fights as well.

Leveling is easy now as they nerfed the xp needed to get from 80-85 in preparation for MoP.

I think Mists will be awesome. Definitely excited for it. All of the people saying it is just Kung Fu Panda and what not really don't know anything about the expansion. The new areas look amazing, Monk is shaping up to be extremely fun, even the music is great.

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