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Graphing Fight Finishes by Division

Via Cage Potato!

Other than Kenny Florian, who finishes fights? Lets settle it once and for all. Using data provided by FightMetric, we looked at how every UFC fight ended from 2007 through the first half of 2012 a total of 1438 total fights, excluding three flyweight contests and then divvyd it up by weight class to determine percentages for each method. For the first time ever, all these stats are in one place, in the chart above. Boom youve just been databombed.

The conclusion: Size matters. Stoppages increase steadily by weight class; but while striking finish rates correlate strongly with increasing weight, submissions have a weaker, negative correlation. Keep in mind that bantamweights and featherweights have a short history in the UFC so far, so expect some possible smoothing out of those division trends over the next year.

Do any of these results surprise you? Next time the local Bullshido expert tells the bar that his favorite featherweight will finish the next fight, bet him the next round of drinks that itll go to the cards.


I'm a nerd for data stuff like this. I like how the KO's scale almost exponentially toward the heavies, yet submissions are sort of all over the place with the highest being 85 and 55. Also, as a total, the fights are ended 72% of the time at HW. That's a 34% jump over the lowest, 38% at Featherweight, almost a 100% increase! Also of note, these numbers are from fights from 2007 on, meaning LW-HW have a significantly higher number of fights in their numbers than BW and FW. Even with those higher numbers, HW sustains that huge finishing rate!
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