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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Yeah right, the day dana lets a fighter leave the ufc while on top is the day the likes of bellator finally get their chance to make it big.

Dana has never let a fighter get out as a winning champ. At that point hes the best in the world and people would pay good money to see him fight no matter where he fought.

Look how much trouble a single guy in fedor was for them until he lost. If affliction wasnt so poorly managed it would have given ufc big problems. I myself bought a ppv or two and i know they sold quite well.

Not to mention it can have a chain effect on fighters leaving to fight the best giy instead of the "champ" that was handily smashed by him. like sylvia and arlovski. Dana got lucky and they unlucky with a noob operation like affliction. A genuine org like bellator could grow into a viable threat if this happened.

Needless to say it wont, not as long as bones is running through the division
There's a flip side to that though. Nobody would be able to challenge em in the smaller orgs...lolz. It would be relegated to a Kimbo Slice type of show with no legitimate contenders. His pay would be cut in half and most likely lose sponsorships.

Fedor was a different beast. He was on a decade long undefeated streak.

Most likely they'd keep em on the shelf. They're smart enough to have non-compete clauses. They sign six fight contracts which means it could last for at least two years if not more.

Curious to hear DW's response now...haha.

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