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Originally Posted by Azumo View Post
Again, wrong as usual Sideways.. As if your Jones hatred isn't enough

Watch again, and notice how quick his eyebrows close up when Dana is mentioned? A typical 'fake response' takes longer than that, in order fot the brain to process the information. Danas mentioned and bam, jaw tenses and his brows close up. He does it very quickly - known as a microexpression. I think you can actually see the tips of his mouth hinder downwards, along with the eyebrows of course.

He wasn't faking that.

Second off, people by now should know Jones is a fighter and NOT a spokesperson. He's here to fight and to be a legend at what he loves to do.

LASTLY, Sideways - the next time you badmouth Jones you should think about what you'd really say if he was infront of you

Again, wrong as usual Azumo.. As if Jones didnt put enough Jizz on your face.

Jones made the same facial expression and body language that people make when they want to "come off" as being mad about something or someone because people expect them to be but realistically are not really mad. Iv done the same thing and iv seen it done plenty of times. Take a deep breath, move your head left and right,sway your body a bit, make a serious face, and say something stupid, and then feel awkward after you said it. Haha

And why should i worry about what id say to him if he was in front of me???? Jones lovers have the funniest way of thinking. They are almost as insecure as he is.
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