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Small woman - should I continue to train?


I am hoping someone with more experience can help me out. I've been going to a school that offers muay thai, kickboxing, krav maga etc, and I really love it. However, I am getting injured a lot - not like, somewhat sore, or even really sore, but seriously hurt (not being able to move my neck for a week, not being able to lift my arm for a few days, etc) The injuries are starting to become recurrent - I took a month off, felt better and went back, only to get re-injured. I believe the problem is I'm a lot smaller than everyone else there. I'm a little under 5'5, a little under 100 lbs. I know that is light, and I'm super small framed. But, I'm not what I would consider a weakling. In the cardio classes I can keep up, I can do full pushups, etc etc. I should also mention I've been lifting weights for several months to build up strength as well.
When I work with men, I typically get hit pretty hard, but never so hard that I've gotten injured. I know they are probably going easy on me, but, I am in the beginning classes. The problem arises when I work with other women. I swear, they hit me as hard as they can, the entire time. I have stopped taking krav (unless there is someone else small I can partner with, which is rare) because I understand people want to hit hard and I don't want to be a crappy partner. But I want to keep taking the kickboxing technique classes because I want to keep learning and get better. I feel like in a technique class, I shouldn't not be able to drive home because my shoulder was wrenched back holding focus mitts for some woman who has been there a lot longer than me and has several inches and probably 20 lbs of muscle on me. I'm not sure if I should stop going, or if it is ok to tell people to ease up. I feel really guilty telling them to ease up because I know they want a good workout, a good experience, and a good training partner. And they are stuck with me. I feel like the nerdy kid who everybody sighs and rolls their eyes at at the lunch table, sitting down with a stinky tuna sandwich. Should I train at home alone until I'm stronger? Find another school? Tell people to chill out? What is the etiquette/expectation for training?
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