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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
funny, cos that is EXACTLY how I view Brian Stann. Whilst I like him as a fighter, and he seems like a really genuine guy, he hasn't really beat anyone of note to warrant the amount of hype he is getting.

If Bisping wins this, expect him to get a title shot. If stann wins it, expecting to have to fight at least once more to get it.
haha well yeah, I view them as both being about the same, rank-wise. (and I like Stann, fan-wise, but Bisp is a douche) I don't feel either deserves a shot coming out of this fight, but Bisp may get it if he wins. I feel either one needs to beat a top 5 guy first, tho.

Let me re-make my post for Stann:

"Stan beats the [overrated/middling] fighter via T/KO then loses the following title shot matchup."

^ best case scenario for Stann

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