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I don't know if his has been posted but here's and interview with carwinhatingNelson

Shane Carwin On Roy Nelson: "I Hate That Guy"
Date Added: September 18, 2012
Story By: Will Hengelbrok

Written By Chris Howie

Shane Carwin pulled no punches this week when talking about how he feels about his opposing coach for this season of The Ultimate Fighter, Roy Nelson.

Carwin spoke to this week and held back nothing:

"Once you find out it's against Roy Nelson, somebody that I dislike so much, I was on board," said Carwin. "There was nobody I wanted to coach against more than that guy, and to kick his a-- in not only coaching, but in the fight as well."

"(Roy Nelson) b----es and complains all the time. He always has an excuse for everything. He claims to be this average, normal guy and that's who he tries to reach too, the blue-collar workers.

"Well, that's me. That's where I came from. I was the one working at 15 years old and working concrete in construction, working at meat packing plants, throwing boxes and things like that. He hasn't had a job in his life. This is the only thing he has ever done. He's the farthest thing from a blue-collar worker that he claims to be."

"I've been there. I know what these guys are going through. Just to be able to be there and try to help those guys. It was life changing for me. There's a lot of things that happen this season that I thought would never happen, especially in that short amount of time. It shocked me by the end in what happened and just how the show went on."

"There's that much animosity there (between us). All of that stuff is real. The only thing I've ever had to hype for my fights is to just watch my style. My fights are exciting. There doesn't need to be any hype or talk, but this real.

"I hate the guy. I dislike him. I hate him as a person. That's just it. I'll be vocal about it."

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