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Before I trained I scoped out the best gym and realized the median weight was 185 - 200+ onwards. I was like what in the world...I feel like I'm in muscle gym in Venice Beach. So I actually took exactly one year to bulk up. When I signed up I'm glad I trained because I was able to keep up utilizing my strength training and agility. There's no way you can outmuscle them, but you can scramble like no other. This is more for BJJ though as it's an art created for smaller people and utilizes technique although it can be negated with a bigger grappler with same skill sets.

Anyways 100lbs is a very light frame. Another three to five pounds of muscle and you can feel the difference. At the end of the day people come in all shapes and sizes. Physique is a very big part of it, but not everything.

I can sense your frustration because the bigger you are the more you'll likely pick on smaller foes or at least it may seem that way. I displaced my frustration even though I handled my own. In fact I never got submitted by them and was able to submit them although it took EVERY OUNCE of my energy. In muay thai class I kicked the crap out of a smaller dude, but I think he enjoyed it so it worked out. I unleashed my anger and he got a good lesson.

*Note* Nobody was injured or hurt in this session. Only a few bruises and minor contusions.

Have a jolly of a day!

PS: 5' and 95 lbs. Wow you really are fun size!

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