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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
I'm working on a quiz I'm gonna present to some friends of mine this christmas. One of the sections of the quiz is gonna be film quotes, I give the quotes and you have to name the film. The difficulty will be varying, from relatively easy warmup ones like "English mother****er, do you speak it?", "Hasta la vista, baby" and so forth, to some really obscure, under the radar type stuff that is difficult, but still possible to get. Anyone have any suggestions for this? I'm in the first place looking for moderate to hard ones, easy ones are easy to think of.

Oh, the participants are early-to-mid 20's guys.
Sounds like a fun game! There's a treasure trove of film quotes in one of the sections. My recommendation is to use the cult classics, pop culture films, and sprinkle a few obscure ones. You want to keep it fan friendly cuz if it's like on expert mode it won't be fun.

I have one. "Naomi spelled backwards spells, I MOAN."

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