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Round 1 - Josh Rosenthal gets the ref duties for this highly anticipated middleweight bout. The faceoff at Friday's weigh-ins was worth "Fight of the Night" on its own. Good ovation for Bisping from the Toronto fans. Right to the middle. Stann with a right first. Bisping kicks to the legs. Stann moves in and they tie up. Bisping spins it around and pushes Stann's back to the fence. Bisping looking for knees, but they finally push off. Stann looks like he wants that big right. He tries to the body. Then throws a right outside leg kick. Inside leg kick from Bisping. Bisping with a nice jab, and Stann follows to the body. They both throw right hands. Bisping shots for a takedown and gets double underhooks, but Stann is able to keep it on the feet. Bisping works with Stann's back on the fence. Good inside elbow lands. Stann lands a couple as he pushes off, though. Outside leg kick from Stann is on the mark, and Bisping catches Stann low. Stann gets time, but he says he doesn't need it. They start firing at each other. And then Stann catches Bisping low. Bisping will take a little longer than Stann did. Bisping looks down and says a few words to UFC boss Dana White. They touch gloves as they start back up. Stann again goes inside with the leg kick. Good body kick from Stann. Good left from Bisping. Again Bisping will look for a takedown, but it's not there. Stann lands a nice right hand that backs Bisping up, and he runs to chase him down. That's going to give him the round on the scorecard, 10-9.

Round 2 - Bisping again wants the takedown, and this time he gets it 40 seconds into the round. He scoops Stann up and plants him on his back, and goes right into side control. But Stann rolls over nicely and lands a big punch from up top. He's on top now and working out of Bisping's guard. Stann stands back up, but Bisping gets control back along the fence. Stann elbows his way out of there. Good right hand from Bisping as they stand back in the middle again. Stann firing off with a big right. But Bisping shoots again, and again slams him right down. Bisping tries to work on a kimura from the top, and he starts punching from side control. It's a 10-9 round for Bisping on the card.

Round 3 - They trade leg kicks to open the last round. Bisping eats a couple leg kicks and then pushes forward for another takedown. Stann is up pretty quickly, though, and lands a right. Good right from Bisping. Stann answers with an outside leg kick. Stann lands a good right. But Bisping answers back with a left jab and a right hand. Stann wants the right hand. Bisping again looks for a takedown, but Stann defends. Good combo from Bisping. Good right from Bisping. Stann looking pretty marked up. Bisping again can't get a takedown. Two minutes left, and Bisping pushes Stann to the cage. They go back to the middle, and with a minute left, they both try to put something together. Bisping wants a takedown again, but again it's not there. But finally, he's able to bully Stann to the canvas. And that's probably going to seal the deal. Stann gets to his feet, and Bisping again tries to take him down. Stann will fend off that last takedown, but it won't be enough. has it 10-9 for Bisping, and has him winning the fight 29-28. Michael Bisping def. Brian Stann via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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