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Round 1 - "Big" John McCarthy will supervise the main event. This is Jones' fourth title defense. The crowd is clearly of the pro-Belfort ilk. Jones goes into his familiar squat. And we get started with Belfort throwing a head kick as Jones gets up. Jones shoots, gets a single, and gets Belfort down. Took all of about 30 seconds. Belfort grabs on, and Jones picks him up to chest-slam him .. Belfort goes for an arm bar. He's got it, but Jones has to drop Belfort on his head. But Belfort hangs on, and Jones has to really fight to get out of it. But he does. Jones is on top. But that was a major moment for Belfort right there. Jones starts to throw elbows from up top, and we've got three minutes left in the first. Belfort is cut now over his right eyes thanks to one of the elbows. Belfort will again look for an armbar, but Jones avoids it. Big punch from Jones to follow up on the left elbow. Another elbow. Doesn't look like there's much of an opportunity for Belfort to get out of this bad position, and Jones keeps coming with the elbows. Belfort tries to turn out of this spot. The crowd chants for Belfort. More big punches. Belfort tries to roll out, and Jones stands up. Belfort stays on his back. He tries to get an axe kick in. gives the first to Jones, 10-9.

Round 2 - The doctor will come in to look at Belfort's cut. McCarthy asks Belfort if he wants to fight. Belfort says, "Yes." McCarthy says, "Then TELL him." Doc says the cut is OK. Belfort just misses a high kick. Then another. Then a left. His back's against the cage, and we'll see if he can circle out of there and get to the middle. Jones throws a kick to the knee, and then throws a spinning elbow. Head kick from Belfort is pretty good, then a couple punches back Jones up. High kick from Jones is blocked. Side kick again from Jones looking to attack Belfort's right knee. Left from Belfort misses. Jones goes back to the right leg, then again, and again. Front push kick right to the knee. Right hand from Jones is pretty good, and Belfort is in front of Jones, right in his wheelhouse. Front kick to the face from Jones is there, and then back again to the right leg. Jones drop shis hands and looks to tee off. Belfort tries to come over the top with a right hook. They tie up and Belfort pulls guard and goes right to his back, and Jones is on top and right back into his elbow-heavy comfort zone. Belfort may want Jones' arm again. The round will close with Belfort on his back looking for a late triangle, though he avoided much of the kind of damage he took in the first. scores it 10-9 for Jones again.

Round 3 - Front kick from Jones to open. Then a left kick is pretty good around the head. Push kick to the body from Jones. Left Superman punch is off the mark. Side kick to teh body is on the money and after a delay, Belfort goes down. Jones comes in with an axe kick to the body, then goes down and into Belfort's guard. Jones will back out and let Belfort up with three minutes left in the round. Spinning back kick just misses from Jones. Belfort tries to answer with a right hand, but Jones returns fire. Belfort ties things up, then pulls guard again. We'll see if he attacks this time. Belfort trying to maneuver into a spot where he can look for an arm or a triangle. Jones will look for elbows again. Jones tries to posture up and land some ground-and-pound. He tries to pass, and he gets to half-guard. Belfort eats a few elbows, and his right eye is looking pretty messy. It's another fairly easy 10-9 round for Jones on the card.

Round 4 - Belfort looks very tired to start the fourth. He ducks away from a head kick and throws one of his own. Then he lands a few punches in a big exchange. Then he again pulls guard, and Jones is on top with no problem in side control. He lands some big elbows, then grabs an arm and he cranks. Not looking good for Belfort, and he has to tap.
Jon Jones def. Vitor Belfort via submission (Americana) - Round 4, 0:54

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