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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
The general consensus among those who did not enjoy the fight seems to be that they didn't feel like there was a chance of the fight being ended which is crazy when you consider that both guys have managed to finish over 50% of there fights. I get the feeling that those who did not enjoy it wrote it off as midgets dancing with no chance of a finish before the fight and I doubt any of the people who didn't enjoy it actually watched it with an open mind.

Either way despite getting called out in the official thread for saying it was a great fight I feel the poll vindicates my opinion.
Umm... are you looking at the numbers, Toxic. You claimed most would agree it was a great fight. It's more than 2 to 1 against that. You are just justifying your position by saying those didn't enjoy it was only because they didn't go in with an open mind. Deciding that you are simply more enlightened than the people who disagree with you doesn't vindicate your opinion. You can have your opinion but don't try to make judgement calls as to why others didn't like the fight.

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