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Weidman is no doubt talented, but I have an extremely hard time seeing how a rookie comes into the UFC and wins a couple of decent fights then earns the right. Lyoto, JDS, GSP, and many more all had to work their way up. Some were already champions in other organizations such as Shogun or Diaz so that carries a lot of weight. What titles does Weidman have besides an endorsement from Matt Serra.

Bisping on the other hand has been TOILING for six years as a company man. Granted he came close on several occasions, but each time working his way up. He gets it...sure he may not be the most competitive, but the buildup, PPVs, and actual fight will be entertaining.

If Weidman beats Boetch then he can get his shot next although Belcher vs Anderson is far more entertaining because it'll be a striking match. We already know Weidman is going for the take down and guillotine. That's all he does.

Nobody else deserves it. GSP super fight supercedes all those matchups though.

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