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While I do enjoy his fights - Jones has drawn a lot of negative attention to himself lately, starting with his DUI and ending with the cancellation of UFC 151 (Not saying he's solely to blame, but he was a part of the whole deal)

Hendo, btw I'm a big fan of his, people seem to dislike and the resentment is slightly misplaced in my view. He won the first fight with Edgar pretty convinsingly IMO, and the second fight was very, very close. People seem to dislike him because there's an argument that he lost the second fight, but they forget that the judges score the fights, not the fighters themselves, hence the misplaced recentment.

As for Mighty Mouse, who hasn't taken to him? I know some people didn't enjoy last night's fight and some did (Me included) - but I still think he's well liked by most MMA-fans.

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