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Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
to the newly crowned chanpions in recent months? I am talking about

Jon Jones
Ben Henderson
and now Johnson

All newly crowned Champions that were met with a mixed reception from so called mma fans. Ppl labeled both DJ/mcall as "awesome wars" until the results were read, then it became a miscarriage of justice? Both henderson's wins over edgar were met with a groans/hiss from fans.Many wont even acknowledge hes champion.Now we have a flyweight fight that was the typical below lw type fight.There was nothing in saturdays fight that was dissimilar to cruz/faber fight.Yet mma fans were gushing over the later and booing the former? why is that..Has jones ever had a painstakingly boring fight? like ever? yet this guy is starving for cheers?

What is it about these new school of champions that suddenly has mma fans up in arms and handing in their UFC viewership
Johnson - I get the impression those who dislike him wouldn't have liked Benavidez either, some people hate the division.

Henderson- A) Comes off a little preachy with the religous thing. B) his whole swager manerisms come off kinda cocky. C) People don't think he beat Frankie Edgar or loved Frankie Edgar.

Jones- The guys is a god damn cheat code for MMA. Come on be honest the first guy you made when got Undisputed for Xbox was Jon Jones, he likely wasn't named Jon Jones and he didn't look like Jones hell he may not have even been a LHW but it was Jones. You made a tall guys with absurd reach and gave him a strong wrestling base. After that you gave him a bunch of real nasty super moves like spinning back fists and elbows, superman punches and sidekicks. Nasty GNP, good ground game. You know why Superman isn't as popular as the Avengers,X-Men, Batman or Spiderman? Vulnerabilities and adversity. Jones is Superman he seems to have every freaking super power.

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