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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
While I do enjoy his fights - Jones has drawn a lot of negative attention to himself lately, starting with his DUI and ending with the cancellation of UFC 151 (Not saying he's solely to blame, but he was a part of the whole deal)
For me the DUI was a huge piss-off.

The UFC tried to sell him as some angel, god-boy when he stopped a thief before his UFC 128 fight (there's actual video segment on called "Jon Jones: To Catch a Thief").

Where's the video segement called "Jon Jones: How to get a DUI"?

Of course I wouldn't expect anything more from the UFC than to hype their champion up the first chance they get, and bury any negative press about him.

I don't care about the cancellation of UFC 151, but I'm sure the people who thought they were going to see a UFC event were pissed. I personally can't blame a fighter for not accepting a fight on short notice. Great if they do, but to hate on him for it isn't right to me.

I just don't like him cause I think he's a cocky douche.
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