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This is an excellent question. I've thought about this many times and again today after watching the Gracie breakdown of UFC 152.

The problem with BJJ is that athletic and strong fighters/grapplers can negate some of the technique by using their strength. So they can sort of cut corners so to speak and power their way out of a submission or force even without properly applying it. But competition at a high level it's difficult to discern one martial art from another and say this one is better or that one is easier.

I've taken quite a few different art forms and I have to agree that BJJ is highly complex. The beauty is that for every submission there's a counter and for every counter there's a counter attack.

It's a beautiful artform. It really is because you don't aim to hurt your opponent.

As one poster said you can train a lifetime and still continue to learn because of new variations. If only I could see one seminar live with Rickson Gracie.

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