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Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
If this incident didnt kill a fellow ufc fighter, lead to the postponement of an event or worse why does it bother you? are you his dad?
Exactly, non of that garbage has anything to do with fans/ufc or mma..Because his status would change, he wouldnt be the the underdog clawing for that nut.Hed be the undisputed best which might bred contempt.You cant say the perception towards bendo/jones didnt change during the course of their ascension
I never have and I never will like Ben Henderson, I hated Frankie when he was the Champ but once he started fighting Ben I started rooting for him and eventually he turned me into a fan, and now I'm rooting for Nate against him, and as far as Jones go, I've always liked him, the only time I've rooted against him was against Machida and that was only because Lyoto is my favorite, had nothing to do with Jon at all.

I still like Carlos, I still like Dominick, and I still like Junior as much as I've ever liked them, I'm sure if Dodson won the belt, my opinion of him wouldn't change, I'd still be a fan.

Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
What? Really because people were hanging all over Jones nuts up until he became champ. The Rashad thing was the first stone with Jones and theb the demolishing begun.

Same with Bendo he has gradually become less popular in the UFC due to his increased exposure.
Quoted the wrong person there, breh. haha.

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