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Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
why hasnt this affected gsp? why didnt boxing fans care when tyson was going through this same dominance?
I don't know about boxing or Tyson but GSP has not been destroying and decimating guys the way Anderson has, he also has the Serra loss that shwoed vulnerability.
why do mma fans have such a hard time marveling at anderson's virtuosity and his horrendous fights with Leites and Maia.How can these fights be still be used as a crutch to hate him after his performances against sonnen, okami, belfort or forrest..[/quote[ Ander people turned in to him against Forrest and Vitor (UFC 126 did 725,000 thats huge)
how many times have we seen wrestlers take him down.With analysts playing up the narrative that he has weak TDD.Yet hes still undefeated in the ufc.Any other fighter and that would be enough but once AS disposes of a wrestler after the fact suddenly they were never good enough
your horribly exagerating peoples view of Anderson Silva.
neither has rich franklin really but a large part of the ufc core audience acted like these fighters shit didnt stink
And lots act like Anderson's don't, thing is that Franklin never gave anyone a reason to dislike him ever.
true but u cant say edgar received the same amount of vitriol bendo did after his controversial title victory[/QUOTE]But Edgar didn't use his exposure as a pedastal to preach his religious beliefs.

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