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Henderson - I like him. Don't know why some people don't. The problem with the Edgar fights is that they were draws. Sure they were scored wins, and the scoring was legit, but there was no advantage at the end of either fight. Go to another round, no one can say who'd win. They both had cardio, both had standup, both had ground game. Except for the fact that the loser would probably be crippled for life, I'd like to see those to fight oe round, no time limit, til somebody wins by knockup or sub.

NOTE: He needs to fight Pettis again

Jones - He does come off as arrogant, but I don;t have a problem with that. He risks permanent injury for a living. However, nothin' against him, but he's done with this division. He could be champ for ten years. The only guy with a chance was Rashad, because of the knowledge factor, but that ran both ways. Kudos to Belfort for at least hurting him. (I don't mean that in an I'm-glad-he's-injured way, but in a at-least-he-threatened-him way.)

I'm not saying it's time for him to move up, but his brothers are NFL defensive linemen. Unless he's the runt of the litter, he can put on a few pounds.

Mighty Mouse - give it time. It wasn't that long ago the UFC wouldn't risk trying to sell LIGHT-weight. Now Jose Aldo is a must see. Give the little dudes a chance to rip a few arms off. Fans will come around.

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