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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
There was a time people didn't want to see anything below 170, hell that is why BJ made his initial run at WW. BJ move back down to LW is what made the LW division relevant in peoples eyes. I believe Edgar vs Aldo will be the fight that makes the FW division relevant. I get that the general public isn't interested in the lighter weight classes, it honestly though has just as much to do IMO with the fact that nobody cares about the fighters in the divisions cause they don't know who they are and they don't know who they are and they can't fight anybody anyone cares about. Its the same problem that haunts organizations like Bellator.

I am surprised though that people on the board who obviously know the fighters and understand the level of skill involved didn't all enjoy the fight.
Honestly, people still don't really care about anything below 170. Penn was really the only exception for LW. People like Sanchez and Guida, but they aren't really money makers. Have you seen the buyrates lately? Rampage/Hamill with a SCRAPPED MAIN EVENT did way more than the PPV that had BOTH the Featherweight and Lightweight title fights (last October). Edgar/Bendo 2 was the lowest buyrate in years. Nobody really does care about anything below 170 to be honest.

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