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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
By your logic, I should heap praise on Michael Vick for being such a tremendous football player, despite the fact that he hangs and drowns dogs in his spare time. And don't forget Chris Benoit and OJ Simpson, who murdered their families. They were so good at their respective crafts that I can overlook that minor detail. Saying 'I have less respect than others for Jon Jones the man' isn't the same as saying 'I have no respect for Jon Jones the fighter'. It's really not complicated.

And I disagree with your latter statement, though I'd not be surprised if a fair few did agree with you. Both are pretty sorry acts, but there's a difference between cheating on your spouse and putting yourself in a position to commit manslaughter. That there's even a dispute as to which is worse is a sorry sign of the times.
Chris Benoint is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

And I know LOADS of people who drink drive. It's ridiculous to me but still, they'd probably say cheating is horrible but still D&D. I was walking home once and remember looking at my feet as I could barley walk straight. I looked around and everything was blurry as fuk. I remember saying to myself (probably out loud lol_) "How the hell do people drive when they are in the same state as I am now?". Not something I'm cool with, but JJ getting pissed and hitting a telephone pole isnt exactly a reason for me to call for him to be hung drawn and quartered.

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