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Jon Jones kicks ass but praises god, hypocritically smashes cars, and pussied out of a fight with a fat middleweight. He also beat everyone LHW fighter, no matter who that is, because he cleaned out the division. Love him inside the ering, kinda a turd outside.

Bendo: where is this hate? I have't seen it. He took some flack for being preachy post fight and a lot of people are upset with the judges but I haven't seen anyone ripping into Bendo like some were with Jones.

And again, whi hates Mighty Mouse? Most people just don't care about the division and would not have cared who won.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Hughes was/is still hated by many people for this and other reasons, what are you talking about? Hughes was once THE most hated MMA fighter out there, even when he was a champion.
I still hate Hughes. Hated him ever since he acted like a 12 year old bully on his TUF season.

Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
In which way? It's disliking a guy for his personal life.

The majority of people would see cheating as worse than drunk driving anyways.

I dont think there is anything wrong with disliking a fighter for his personal life. Matt Hughes is a bully, a racist, and jesus freak. Just a few of the reasons I always hoped he lost in the ring.

Sonnen is a dirt bag criminal who only cares about himself and selling a bullshit brand that is himself. Sonnen has the added bonus of being boring as all hell in the ring. So I double hate him.

mad props: Toxic
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