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Hallo b!tches. After a craptacular week for BJJ (Monday morning class canceled b/c the instructor for that class is a SWAT guy and some asshole shut himself in a house with a shotgun, working Wednesday morning, Fri AM open mat canceled due to upcoming ammy fights) and a decent one for MT, and a sinus with pounding headaches type of things, I'm back at it.

Mon: AM BJJ was north/south escape and a pass similar to a butterfly guard pass I'd drilled where you rocket your legs straight up into the air and land the outside leg first. At no time has this pass been effective for me re: butterfly guard; maybe it'll work for other open guard. We also worked a mount escape and what I think was can opener (so much fun with the gi collar) and then sparred and both girls wrecked me. I think I'm still dragging from the congestion affecting my sleep. I found out that the Foca seminar is the same day as a college open house older swplet wants to go to. I'm going to try the "IDK if the puppy should be alone with the big dog for that long" excuse and try to get out of it so I can go to the seminar, as sometimes people get stripe or belt at same.

Tue: Thai was nearly all partner pad work, my very favorite thing. You called out the combination for your partner, and mine was skilled so I put together 4, 6 or 8 count combinations for him, and broke down the 15-count (one of the series of strikes we have to have memorized). Then we did a few speed kick and skip knee drills and I only had 9 knees less in the allotted time than the pro guy.

Wed: Worked 6 hours early as I customarily do on Wednesdays, and then I have no energy for anything else apart from housework and looking after the dogs the rest of the day. I can't wait till the new people my dept. hired get through the month-long training my work requires so I can get rid of this shift.

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