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I actually would like someone who doesnt like Anderson Silva based on his Maia and Leites fights to explain to me why.

I might have the fights mixed around, but in both of them his opponent crawled onto their backs and Silva wasn't risking being subbed. Everytime he got close they rolled back. He eventually would taunt them, which he was hoping would have them exchange. Unfortunatley for AS they weren't willing to risk the KO for the win. He didn't really get any oppertunities to finish them. I think it was the Maia fight, but AS was gassed like fuk at the end. He hadnt ever been that far and he was really showing the effects, so when Maia finally decides to stay standing (but was too scared to push forward), Silva was quite happy to stay on the outside and catch his breath.

And after the Leites fight, I feel he FULLY redeemed himself. He could see that everyone hated the fight, so he moved up a weight class, faught one of the biggest scrappers he could find, and made it exciting. At one point he stood there and told Forrest to exchange. Griffin laughed and basically said "I can't man". After he knocked Griffin down, he could have finished it considering that he has maybe the best finishing GnP in MMA history, but he let Forrest up so he could have a more exciting finish, and he did just that. I feel hating him based on these performances is just an excuse to be a hipster and say "I dont like supporting the greatest".

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